Important Tip That Will Lead To Positive Communication

In many times of your life, there exists an importance to be a good communicator. When interviewing for a job, meeting new people, and as a general rule of being successful in life, it is extremely important to possess the necessary skills to be able to express yourself in a positive or productive manner. One of the most bothersome things that people often do without realizing the negative effect of how they are communicating is when they speak without purpose.

For example, when in a group project or work meeting, the worst thing you could do is continuously shut down people’s ideas without offering some sort of step to move forward. This step could be simply offering another solution or explaining why you disagree with the other person, and then offering a way to move forward.

Important Tip That Will Lead To Positive Communication

Similarly, asking extremely open-ended questions can be counterproductive as well. If someone emails you, requesting to set up a phone call for an interview, responding “let me know when works best for you” or “I am free on Monday and Tuesday of next week between 11 am. and 5 pm.. Let me know when during those times works best.” have two extremely different styles. The first is open-ended and putting the pressure on the interviewer while the second offers given times that is much more straightforward and shows your initiative.

Saying something without offering a solution or some way to progress the conversation is not very professional and often frustrating to those on the receiving end of the comment or email. It is important to be able to communicate with purpose, intent, and initiative.

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