Interning is a Great Learning Opportunity, But it Doesn’t Always Pay Off

Many students turn to interning because it’s a great way to gain some valuable work experience, but you should think twice before going down this road. Interning doesn’t always pay off, and there are instances where you should think twice before accepting an internship.

Exploitative Atmosphere

Internships are usually unpaid, and they can often turn into a toxic professional environment. Do your research and pay attention to red flags during your interview to avoid interning at a place where they’ll exploit you and crush your dreams.

Bad Leadership

Don’t accept an internship where you won’t get proper mentorship and guidance. It’s tough to navigate a new workplace without a good leader by your side, who’ll inspire you to pursue work in your field once the internship is over.

No Connection

Not all internships are created equal and you should avoid wasting your time on ones that have no connection to your field. These internships won’t add anything valuable to your CV, so try looking for better alternatives.

Time Commitment

Speaking of wasting your time, avoid internships that are too time-consuming. An internship shouldn’t jeopardize your academic progress, and that’s going to happen if you’re there full-time.

Lack of Money

Paid internships are a rarity, and that’s part of the reason why many students can’t afford to take part in one. If the money is tight and you’re already doing a part-time job to support yourself, you’ll probably struggle to find time for interring.

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