Is Working Out in a College Dorm Mission Impossible?

Making time for working out isn’t that easy when you’re at college and finding space to do it can be even more difficult. If there’s no free gym at your campus or you’re too anxious to use it, you might be tempted to work out in your dorm—but is that even possible?

Enough Space

College dorms are as cramped as it is, and that’s why it’s increasingly difficult to make room for working out. You’re probably good to go if you find enough room for a yoga mat on the floor. You might need to move stuff around to make this happen because it’s not safe to work out if there are too many things in your way.

Keep It Simple

There are countless dorm workouts you can find online, and most of them rely on easy moves that don’t require too much space. Most of them, such as squats and sit-ups, also happen to be equipment-free since it’s not easy to find room for equipment in your dorm.

Making Noise

Low-impact workouts are the best fit for your dorm because they’re apartment-friendly. Walls in dorms tend to be pretty tin, and your neighbors won’t appreciate it if you’re doing jumping jacks and other noisy exercises every day.

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