McDonald’s Takes a Classical Spin on Late Night Eating

After a night of heavy drinking, possibly some smoking, and probably the consumption of tons of other substances that we can’t even begin to list right now, all you want is to eat. No one is looking for a nice, sit-down dinner where you have to wear napkins on your lap and where making out with the girl you just met at the table is frowned upon. When people have the munchies they want the quickest, easiest, and most fattening meals possible. Which is why McDonald’s is one of everyone’s favorite place to snag a drunk snack. 

McDonald’s workers on the other hand are pretty sick of cleaning up vomit from their floors and hearing people cursing each other out on the line to get food. They do not want to have to break up any more fist fights than necessary or watch crying girls run around looking for their friends. This is why many McDonald’s locations such as Scotland, Australia, and England now play classical music late at night. Yeah, you heard right, we just said McDonald’s is playing classical music. This is in order to calm down the belligerent customers and try to prevent fist fights from breaking out and chairs from being thrown.

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