Midi Skirts Are The New Way To Look Young Yet Classy

Sure miniskirts are fun and sexy, but to every woman there comes a time that keeps wearing it will turn us from a good looking Friday night model look-alike to a colossal accidental wardrobe catastrophe. The fashionable midi skirts let you wear a skirt that is much shorter as much as it much longer. Midi skirts are “mid” length, usually hitting between the knees and the ankles.

The midi skirts come in a variety of styles and models, having more fabric they can be more fun to pick with bright, eye-popping colors and designs. They can button up at the front, zip in the back or can have an elastic waist. You can get a looser fitting midi skirt if you’re going for the “boho lite” look- into the flowy fabric, but don’t want to make the full on Woodstock ’69 maxi skirt commitment. You can also go for a tight fitting option to show off that figure. The clothing company, Mimu Maxi, calls their body hugging midi skirts “skirt leggings,” as an alternative to regular leggings when you want to just throw something basic and comfortable on without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

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