Must-Visit College Libraries for Bookworms

In college, being able to read and write a lot has its advantages. It helps even more if you happen to be a bookworm who loves delving into new texts. If this describes you, then here are some of the most beautiful, must-visit college libraries you should visit for captivating books as well as their stunning designs.

George Peabody Library

Johns Hopkins University is home to the stunning George Peabody Library, filled with multiple floors of books along with an ideal study space on the ground floor. Opened back in 1866, George Peabody Library is a stunning building with a neo-Grecian design, bringing an antique touch to the modern city of Baltimore.

Linderman Library

If you’re in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, then you should be sure to visit the Linderman Library at Lehigh University. Here, you’ll be treated to a Victorian beauty, with its enormous dome and stained-glass skylight. Of course, there’s no shortage of books at this elegant library, with its charming wooden floors and cast-iron stacks.

Harper Memorial Library

If you’re looking for a study space, then Harper Memorial Library at the University of Chicago is perfect for you. Built in 1912, this regal study hall has clearly taken some design cues from the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, while offering plenty of comfortable seating for long study sessions.

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