Ways To Make Your Netflix Time More Productive

We all have those days or weekends where we can’t wait to to do absolutely nothing, and usually that means Netflix. Sometimes binge watching too much of a show at once can actually get boring. Instead of just lounging around, this is a great time to check some things off your to do list. The mindless task of cleaning will let you catch up on your Netflix shows while you are actually productive. Odds are you had a very busy week which led to you throwing your clothes around rather than taking the time to put them away. Since you’re probably already in your room (yes your bed) why not start the day off by cleaning the room that you spend most of your time in. A clear room will lead to a clear mind, which is incredibly beneficial to get your creative juices flowing throughout the week. Another way to get creative while watching netflix is to buy an adult coloring book. These have become extremely popular and are easy to find, and are a great way to do something other than just watch netflix. Finally, you could light some candles and take a bubble bath. Netflix doesn’t have to waste away your whole day if you don’t let it. 

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