Party Card Games

There are many reasons why card games should be your first choice for fun night in the dorms. It’s cheap, easy to transport, and can be a great opportunity to meet new people and have a fun – and funny night. Except from the classic deck of cards that has infinite games you can play with, we gathered here some other card games that might not have a long history of kings and queens, but are trending right now in campuses all over the country. These are the best card games you should keep in your dorm room. 


Cards Against Humanity

A long-time favorite, this game will give you and your friends laughs for hours. Don’t forget to check out the extension packs, too!

Party Card Games

What Do You Meme?

By matching memes to hysterical captions, this game will crack you and crew up. Nothing beats a good meme!

Exploding Kittens

Party Card Games

This fast-paced and fun game will get your whole dorm excited! The crazy illustrations are definitely another plus. 

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