Pros and Cons of Having a Backpack at College

Pupils in middle school and high school can’t imagine going to school without backpacks, but is that also the case with college students? There’s a whole debate surrounding this question, and this brief guide will help you determine if you need a backpack or not.

A Case Against Backpacks

Some students believe that having a backpack isn’t a must at college because there’s no point in carrying a bunch of stuff around when your dorm is so close by. Others feel it’s unnecessary to take notes when a professor is sending all the materials to students, but this is ill-advised and usually doesn’t lead to such great results.

A Case For Backpacks

Carrying a backpack while in college has more pros than cons. Even if your dorm is close by, it doesn’t really make much sense to go back and forth between classes, unless you have long breaks in between.

Chances are you’ll be much more productive in class if you have a backpack because you’ll be able to pack all the classroom essentials that you need. You’ll also have enough room to pack some snacks and other everyday items that can come in handy.

Replacing a backpack with more “fashionable” alternatives, such as a shoulder bag or tote bag is always an option, but they’re usually less practical and more difficult to carry around.

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