Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

There’s nothing worse than waking up late for a morning class and then realizing how much attention your hair needs. Or maybe you need to get ready for work straight after college and need to sort your hair as quickly as possible. Here are some quick, easy, and stylish looks to try next time your hair needs fixing fast.

Side Buns

This is a great way to pull all your hair into a neater shape and it looks super cute. You could do one at the side or one on each side—it’s entirely up to you. 

Front Braids

This style is perfect if the main area in your hair that needs attention is the front. Just section off however much hair you like at the front of your face on each side. Do a braid on each side and fasten with a hair tie. 

High Ponytail

This style is great for getting all your hair out of the way. You can do it super sleek or leave some strands of hair free to frame the face depending on your style preference. 

Side Braid

Having a simple braid to one side gives a stylish, classy look while keeping all your hair neat and out of the way. Having it at the side means you can do it super quickly and easily so it’s great for those late mornings. 

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