Reasons to Join a College Walking Group

Most colleges have an exciting and varied range of groups and societies to join. Whether it’s a popular hobby or a celebration of a culture, there are usually plenty of groups covering lots of areas of interest. If your college has a walking group then you should join, and if it doesn’t you could start one. Here are some reasons why.

A Lovely Way to Meet People and Socialize

When you join a group for a particular interest or hobby, you know you’ll have at least that in common with the other group members which can start you off with getting to know each other. Chatting to people while enjoying a stroll is a lovely way to connect with them more. 

Easy Exercise

When you’re walking along in a big group you’ll hardly even notice the exercise you’re getting from the movement. This is a great way to get your daily steps in and enjoy some social and gentle exercise. You’ll also be more likely to stay motivated as you’re part of a group. 

Get to Know the Area Better

The best way to get to know your local neighborhood and the area around your college site is by walking around it. Researching some routes and heading out on them with your fellow walkers will be a great way to get your bearings. 

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