Roommate Walls Are Thinner Than You Think

College is definitely a time to have fun and experiment. It is also one of the first times when you have to learn how to respectfully live with roommates. Yes, you have had to live with your parents and other siblings, but let’s just say, it wasn’t as easy to sneak a boy or girl into your room with your parents sleeping next door.

However, when you are living in an apartment or dorm with roommates, it is much easier to have girls/ guys over without much need to sneak around. However, something that is extremely important is to respect the other people that you are living with. Most likely if the person you have over, whether it is just an intimate friend or a romantic partner, is respectful and noninvasive, your roommates will most likely not have an issue with you having people over.

Roommate Walls Are Thinner Than You Think

Unfortunately, when you consistently have people stay over at your place, it can become somewhat intrusive. For example, if you are a girl who consistently has male friends sleep over, use the dishes, etc. it would be considerate for you to first, make sure that you are cleaning up after them if they don’t clean up after themselves. And, second, maybe just give your roommate’s a heads up if you have a guest over so they know not to walk around without a bra if that is something that would potentially make them uncomfortable.

Lastly, but probably most importantly, is to have respect for your roommate in terms of being aware that the walls are probably thinner than you think. It is almost a 100% guarantee that while your roommate is locked away studying in his or her room studying for an exam, that they absolutely do not want to hear loud conversations, arguing, giggling, or sex noises through the walls. Just be respectful and you shouldn’t have an issue with your roommates.

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