Should You Go Home for the Holidays When Studying Abroad?

Most students studying abroad deal with homesickness and can’t wait for the holidays to visit their families. Unfortunately, going back home isn’t always an option, and here are a few factors that will help you determine if you should celebrate the holidays at home or at your college.

Financial Situation

It’s impossible to go back home for the holidays if the money isn’t there. Plane tickets tend to be pretty expensive during the holiday season, so it’s never too early to check the prices and see if they fit into your budget.

Immigration Rules

Get familiar with the immigration rules of your host country before leaving it. If your visa doesn’t allow you to leave and re-enter the country, going home for the holidays will probably be too much trouble.

Classes & Exams

You’ll have to deal with many academic commitments during your time at college, and nothing should jeopardize them. Only go home for the holidays after making sure your trip is not getting in the way of any important classes and exams.

Perfect Distance

Visiting your family for the holidays won’t be a problem if you’re not studying too far away, but you might struggle going back home if you have to take a long and expensive journey to get there.

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