Should You Live With Your Parents After College?

Increasingly, more and more young people are having to return to their family home after college. While for many people this is the only option when it comes to getting started in a career and avoiding the cost of rent to try to save money, for some of us there is a choice involved. This article will look at the pros and cons of living with your parents as an adult, to help you make this decision.

Long Term Plan

It’s not always a good idea to move back into the family home without a long term plan. Do you have a goal you are working towards, whether it’s relating to your finances, career, travel plans or life aspirations? If so, moving in with family can help to make this goal a reality faster than if you were trying to pay for rent and bills by yourself.

What’s Your Relationship Like?

It may sound obvious, but before you move back into the family home you do need to consider what your relationship with your parents is like. It may have changed since you moved out and went to college, so you need to reflect on whether you can handle sharing a space with them again. This isn’t just something for you to consider – you will need to tell them you’re weighing living with them again as an option, so they can reflect and let you know if this is going to work for them.

Consider The Space

It’s not impossible that in the time you’ve been away, your parents have changed the family home. Would it still logistically work for you to move home? Would you have your own room, and is there enough space for everyone to work from home if that situation arises? If the family home has changed radically since you left, it may be worth reflecting on whether living there is going to work.

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