Simple Ways to Make Your Student Housing Feel Like a Home

Student housing is often a source of stress for people. Finding suitable accommodation can be a struggle, and once you have found somewhere there can be so many ongoing issues that arise. Even if you get lucky and find a decent option, the chances are the property is not very cozy or homely. Here are some ideas to make your student house feel more like a home. 

Get Some Soft Lighting for the Living Areas

So often student properties have quite basic lighting, which can be a bit garish and bare. You can often find cute lamps in antique or second-hand stores, or you could buy some string lights to hang up. Whatever you choose, having some gentle mood lighting for cozy evenings will make a huge difference to the ambiance.

Put Decorations on the Walls

This is such a simple way to turn a basic room into a personalized, interesting space. Perhaps you have some old movie posters, or some postcards or photo prints. You can arrange them in any way you like and enjoy covering up the bare walls. 

Add Blankets and Cushions

If your accommodation has a living area with chairs or a couch, then one of the simplest things you can do is place a few cushions and some blankets around. These will make the space much comfier and cozier, and help it to feel more like your own home.

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