So Are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Getting a Divorce?

There has been back and forth conversation regarding whether or not actors Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck will be getting a divorce. The couple ended their relationship back in June of 2015. However, they decided to give their marriage another shot that year.

There have been other rumors that they have called off their divorce solely because their family situation and dynamic has been going so well lately. The married couple, which have three children, really do love each other. Sometimes love is not enough, however. Therefore, it was a joint decision from both Jennifer and Ben to get the divorce at first.

Garner is still considering a permanent breakup with Affleck and is just planning on confirming the divorce later on when the time is right, according to US Weekly. Nevertheless, we won’t know what will happen until they make a final decision. Only time will tell whether or not they will keep their marriage alive or not.

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