So, You Want to Join a Sorority?

Sororities definitely have benefits but there are cons as well. Some disadvantages are well documented but others are subtle and may not even be known to a lot of interested applicants. Since these organizations have such a powerful impact, it’s important to have these pros and cons known to everyone who might be thinking about joining one.


  • Networking
    • Get in touch with sorority sisters that may be able to help you with your career down the line.
  • Sisterhood
    • Bond with your sorority sisters through shared experiences of upheavals and good times where you can find lifetime friends.
  • Philanthropy
    • Sororities organize a lot of volunteer work and members are often called to action for them.
  • Entertainment
    • If concerts and parties are your things, then sororities also often have these.


  • Time Consuming
    • Activities often require members to attend.
  • Reputation
    • The reputation of your sorority sisters often sticks to you as well even if it doesn’t really apply to you.
  • Hazing
    • In order to get only those who really want to be in the sorority, application processes are designed to be incredibly hard that often require psychological and physical fortitude. While hazing has become a lot less accepted, it still occurs.


So, You Want to Join a Sorority?

How to Join

Sororities have certain eligibility rules that need to be fulfilled such as enrolment, whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate student, or age requirements. Before anything else, it is important to know these rules so you’re sure it’s not a complete shot in the dark.

Each sorority has its own processes and traditions so it’s important to be ready physically and psychologically to accomplish all of the steps the whole way through.


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