Sorority Recruitment with a Friend Can be Tough

For some women, joining a sorority in college has been a childhood dream. The prospect of being included and introduced to a house full of like-minded women with similar goals and values can really add a lot to your already exciting college experience. At many large universities, sorority recruitment can appear to be pretty cut throat and overwhelming.

Because of this, friends often times make the decision to go through recruitment or rush, together in order to be a system of support for each other throughout the process. Sometimes, though, going through recruitment with your closest friends may not always be the best thing. Yes, they will be there to get dressed with you in the morning, trek through the streets with you to each house, and be a source of stress relief when you are able to vent to each other about the process.

Sorority Recruitment with a Friend Can be Tough

Sadly, though, rush doesn’t always bring friends closer together. Each sorority house has its own varying set of rules and standards for women who they will offer bids to. This can be difficult in situations where either you or your friend are asked back to more houses than the other one. It can also be hard to choose the right sorority for you if you are easily influenced by your friend’s opinion.

You may have fallen in love with a certain sorority but your friend mentions that she thought the girls in the house were mean, fake, or not “cool” enough. This can be really discouraging if you felt like that sorority would have been a good fit for you.

The best advice when going through recruitment with a friend is to keep an open mind and remember to always follow your intuition and not that of your friend.

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