Spanish Siestas Are Underrated

Life is filled with different wonders.  A variety of events and situations have the ability to cause immense happiness in many people.  However, sometimes, it is important to recognize the little things in life that can culminate into some of life’s little pleasures.  For example, one of the best, yet most underrated pleasures of life is definitely… naps.

Naps are not only necessary to recharge from a long day of school, work, or any sort of stress. Naps are often an anticipated daily event by many people.  For example, in Spain, some stores close around 2pm for a few hours in order to have a “siesta”.  These few hours where all stores are closed gives store owners and shoppers a chance to recharge.  As well as stores shutting down, regular people in Spain often utilize the hours between 2 and 4pm to take naps when they get home from school or are on a break from work. Maybe the built in daily “siesta” in Spanish culture is one of the reasons that the people there are so laid back.  Or, maybe this siesta time is necessary simply because of the fact that Spaniards don’t even head to the club until 1am, let alone stay there partying until at least 7am.

Maybe this built in “siesta” should be introduced and utilized in many more cultures globally.  Truly, naps are so important for re-energizing yourself during a stressful day.  There are many stresses in life, and lack of sleep just causes everything to go downhill from there.  So, maybe let’s look to Spain as an example.  They definitely seem to have the who napping thing down.

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