Struggling to Style Your Wavy Hair? Check Out These Tips

If you’re the proud owner of wavy hair, you will know the struggles (as well as the joys) which this hair type can bring. You can spend hours styling your locks in the evening, only to wake up in the morning to a bird’s nest of frizzy, unruly strands. This is especially frustrating if you need to be in a class first thing in the morning, as it means there’s not much time to fix your hair. Check out these simple tips which can make styling wavy hair easier and less time consuming.

Diffuse To Dry

Some people with wavy hair can get away with air drying, especially if they’ve used the right products and styling creams for their hair. However, wavy hair is also often thick, which means it can take hours to fully dry. Air drying can also lead to increased frizz and less defined waves, so try drying with a diffuser to create sophisticated, long-lasting waves.

Try A Gel

For many people, the idea of using hair gel feels like it’s going to lead to dry, crunchy hair. However, if you find one designed for curly or wavy hair and apply to your hair when it’s really wet, the gel can actually help the waves to form while reducing frizz. Just remember to ‘scrunch out the crunch’ once the gel is dry, to help improve the feel of your hair.

Don’t Skip The Shampoo

If you’re trawling the Internet for tips on how to maintain your wavy hair, many of the blogs will recommend a no shampoo method. However, if you’re regularly applying products including gel, heat protectant spray and a curling cream, going without shampoo is quickly going to lead to product build up, which can cause lank, lifeless hair. Find a good clarifying shampoo to help you rinse all of that product out without damaging your hair.

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