Student Athlete Receives 33 Full Ride Scholarships

Many athletic students hope to receive a scholarship based on their abilities on the field. However, for 17-year old Jahmir Smith, he isn’t only excelling at football but also in the classroom. Smith is a junior who attends Lee Country High School and due to his athletic and academic strengths, he has been offered 33 full ride scholarships. Did we mention these 33 offers are including all eight Ivy League schools? With a 4.43 GPA and 2,130 rushing yards including 41 touchdowns last season, he comes off as an extremely impressive candidate to all universities.

Back in December, the first school to ever consider Smith and give him a full ride has been East Carolina University. Jahmir recently had an interview with ABC 11 stating all the juicy details on his successes. He admits after one acceptance letter has been mailed all the others began to follow. He “really didn’t think it would happen.” As much as he is grateful for such opportunities, he makes it clear that is was also due to his academics and not just his talents with the football.

Smith admits that the still has no idea which school he wishes to attend but at this point, the world is his oyster.

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