Superbad Turns 10 This Year And We All Feel Really Old

If you really want to feel old, think back to how old you were when Superbad first came out. Were you even allowed to see the movie or did your parents not give you permission? Well, either way, it has been 10 years since Superbad first came out and we are pretty startled by that.

A number of other famous things came out 10 years ago too that will leave you shocked. Remember the Solja Boy dance? Well, that came out 10 years ago as well. You were probably doing your thing at a bar-mitzvah and that song came on and you and all your friends stopped to show off your moves. Britney Spears’ meltdown also happened 10 years ago and that pretty much feels like yesterday.

Well think back to Superbad and fat Jonah Hill. So much has changed since then. Pretty much the most important change is the fact that Jonah Hill is now skinny. Rarely does a movie really remind us of our childhood like this one.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg developed the idea for Superbad when they were only 15 years old. Seth was actually supposed to play Jonah Hill’s part, but Jonah was just too good to pass up. Superbad gave Seth Rogan the push he needed to get his comedic life started. So happy 10 years Superbad, cheers to you.

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