Surprising Benefits of Taking Notes by Hand

We know it sounds old school. Who would want to take notes by hand when you can type them so much faster on a computer? But don’t dismiss this method too fast. Here are a few reasons you might want to give it a shot. 

Information Retention

Writing engages different cognitive processes than typing. The act of physically forming letters and words on paper reinforces memory retention, so you may not have to spend as long studying later on. 

Personalized Organization

With handwritten notes, you can be creative with how you organize the information on the page. You can create visual cues, draw diagrams, and use different colors to highlight key points. With the flexibility of a blank page, you can do what makes sense to you.

Reduced Distractions

Digital devices often come with the temptation of multitasking and online distractions. Taking notes by hand minimizes the allure of checking emails or social media during a lecture or meeting. 

Improved Comprehension

When you write by hand, you are more likely to process information as you go, summarizing and paraphrasing content rather than transcribing it verbatim. This will actually help you have a deeper understanding of the material right from the start. 

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