Take a Look at McDonalds New Dystopian Uniforms

It looks like McDonald’s comes from a galaxy far, far away. The uniform were created by the American fashion designer Waraire Boswell. The uniform is grey-and-blue and has no sign of the iconic colors you would associate McDonald’s with.

For the first time the brand has teamed up with a designer to create outfits for its employees. What is special about this uniform is that it was designed for comfort and functionality based on feedback from the employees.

Many made the connection to “Star Wars.” They believe the new look would be perfect for a McDonald’s located on the Death Star.  Some others said the outfits look like they come straight off the runway of a Kanye West show.

So forget the yellow and red, the happy uniform looks. Now it’s all about Star Wars and Kanye!

We are not sure how we feel about these new uniforms but at least we hope they will be more comfortable for the employees than the previous ones.

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