Teacher Fights Against The Hostile Python, Who Has Panicked The Campus Of The University

A professor from Allahabad University in India visited with a professor from another university about a project when a student leader demanded a python that caused panic on campus.

NB Singh, a professor of botany at Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College in India, hesitated at first but came to the rescue.
“When I was busy with the visiting professor, I resisted first, but when the idea came up that the students could kill the python, I ran to the place and caught the reptile [53 pounds],” Singh said. , the times of India.

But the 9-foot Python proved to be difficult to handle, as an NDTV video that called the 12-foot snake shows:

“The Python was hostile and it was very exhausting to capture it,” Singh told News 18, according to NDTV.

After struggling a bit with the snake, Singh, dressed in a suit, finally managed to control him and put him in a bag.

Singh told NDTV that his goal, after intercepting and relocating the Python, is to let people know that they are safe if they are not provoked.
According to the Times of India, Singh handed the python to the forestry authority of Soraon, which wanted to release it in the wilderness of Sankargarh.

Singh is not unfamiliar with python management. It was the fifteenth serpent he had caught in the last twelve months.

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