The Biggest Differences Between High School and College Professors

High School and college are extremely different places in and of themselves. Colleges are typically the place where you truly find yourself, embrace your inner desires and discover ho0w you want to proceed with the next stages of your life. High School is often the place where you experiment with certain social situations, go through your awkward pubescent stages, and stress over extreme amounts of pointless busy work.

There are a ton of differences between the struggles you will face in both High School and college and these differences are also apparent in the ways that your teachers and professors are.

The Biggest Differences Between High School and College Professors

In high school, teachers are usually very strict about attendance and doing every project perfectly guided by their provided guidelines. Teachers in high school also expect you to read every chapter of assigned reading homework from your textbook and assigned novels.  High school teachers often claim to assign a bunch of excess busy work and hard tests in order to “prepare you for college”. And, because of the way that teachers are in high school, it might be a funny realization when you first encounter your college professors.

One major difference between high school and college professors is that college professors use a lot more curse words freely. These professors see you more as adults than children and therefore don’t feel as uncomfortable using explicit words during a lecture. College professors are also much more understanding that you have a life outside of school.

Many large lecture classes do not take attendance and the professor expects those who choose to come to class as ready to learn. College professors also seem to give much less busy work and tend to focus the class on large group projects or tests.

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