The Freshman Fifteen – How to keep yourself in check

The dreaded “Freshman Fifteen” are for some the stuff nightmares are made of  and is in fact the result of first year of college, where we tend to eat too much and not exercise nearly enough.

The reality is that weight gain is an inevitable part of first year and a result of a change of lifestyle and living habits. You can argue it as much as you want but being away from the comfort and easy of home can results in a not so healthy diet and exercise regime. Fast food, including the likes of burgers, pizza, tacos etc become daily staples and sitting in front of a computer ‘studying’ all day can’t exactly be defined as an active way of life. So instead of literally sitting around waiting for the ‘freshman fifteen’ to hit be proactive in preventing it from happening.

While we need never tell you how to spend your college years, there are a few ways to enjoy yourself while still maintaining some semblance of a healthy(ish) way of living.

Choose the veggies and the meat – stay away from the white refined carbohydrates.

Enjoy the good stuff – just in moderation.

Get up – get moving. Not only because it’s good for your body – it’s also good for your mind.

Accept the fact that you might pick up a bit of weight in freshman year. And it’s OK. You haven’t let yourself go, your life has changed.

You are experiencing stress, change of routine, surrounding, diet – the works. It’s all bound to take a toll on your body. The key is to keep it all in check and remember to stay focused on your own personal goals.

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