The Idea Of Space Jam 2 Has Us All Freaking Out

Space Jam is one of the best movies to ever grace this planet and that is a fact. But, the idea of a Space Jam 2 is one that we cannot stop thinking about. Either Hollywood needs to just make the movie a reality or stop getting us this excited.

The rumors have been touched on by the actual makers of the first movie multiple times, but nothing has ever been confirmed. At least once every year, Hollywood confirms a Space Jam 2. Just last year they even speculated that LeBron James would be making an appearance in the film. Sounds pretty great to us.

A Space Jam sequel is exactly what everyone in this world needs, and with LeBron possibly starring in the movie, our excitement is through the roof. However, we are still not sure how true all of this is.

Director Justin Lin, who also directed Fast & The Furious, signed on to direct Space Jam 2, but it does not look like the movie will be ready anytime soon. The release date keeps getting pushed back later and later. But, Lin did give us an update this past week saying that the sequel is indeed coming to theatres and will be ready once it is perfect. We are trying not to worry too much because Justin Lin says that the movie will happen. We’ll believe it when we see it.

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