Why You Shouldn’t Study For These 5 Degrees

The experience and knowledge you gain from going to college are irreplaceable and no doubt will set you apart from the rest. But in today’s changing climate some degrees seem to hold more weight than others. Here are a few degrees that arguably shouldn’t be on your list of academic priorities.

Advertising – while the demand for people who work in the advertising world is always there, with the advent of technology and the constant development of free advertising and social media platforms specific roles or academic requirements seem to be changing so quickly, they are outdated by the time you can enter the workplace.


Music Theory – While the theory of music will remain unchanged and is most definitely the foundation of the art form – they key to becoming a musician or the lead singer in a band relies on practice. Lots and lots of practice – not knowing what year Beethoven wrote his last symphony.


Creative Writing – The key to creative writing is expression and you don’t need 4 years of lectures to teach you how to express yourself. Start a blog and get real life experience and immediate feedback. You could even make a living out of it.


Philosophy – While undeniably an engaging subject, with lots of exciting debates and hot topics, Philosophy is undoubtedly important, unfortunately just not particularly useful in our everyday lives.


Entrepreneurship  we love the common analogy regarding many of today’s degrees “Learning  through a textbook is like watching a video on how to ride a bicycle without riding it” The truth is that academic learning doesn’t provide you with the expertise to experience what the world has on offer  and this is particularly relevant in the field of Entrepreneurship.


Choosing the right degree is only part of the college experience, you may learn more about yourself and what you want from your life engaging in the experience than you will inside the walls of the lecture hall.

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