The Truth Behind Online Job Postings

When searching for jobs online, the process can often be pretty exhausting. You can go onto a variety of websites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor, find the perfect job that you have all of the qualifications for, apply, and be left completely in the dust. It is hard to grasp why sometimes your amazing applications to jobs are not always seen or reacted to by the job posters.

And to be quite honest, the entire job searching process is extremely tiring and can invoke a lot of anxiety within applicants. After submitting a flawless application to a position that you believe is the perfect fit, and being told that you are not being considered for the role can have a lot of negative effects on one’s confidence. However, there is a secret behind many job postings that a lot of applicants don’t quite realize.

The Truth Behind Online Job Postings

The secret is that many times when a position opens up, the HR department has to post the opening online as a formality, even though there is already someone within the company currently or someone outside of the company that is already being considered to fill the role. A top executive at Turner relayed this information about how jobs are often posted online with the existence of a person already chosen to be hired for the role.

This little piece of information should inspire all people currently seeking employment that sometimes you aren’t considered for a role solely because the position has already been filled. This also reiterates the importance of connections and utilizing your network when conducting your job search.

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