These Drinking Games Will Make You the King (or Queen) of Any Party

Card games, sports and riddles can be combined with lots of alcohol to ensure a great time at your next party or get-together. Everyone loves a good drink (or three). Here’s how to make drinking even more fun.


The Granddaddy of drinking games, Drink-A-Palooza combines lots of different games to attract friends with all different abilities. Because no one likes to feel left out when having a good time, right?

Beer Pong

Do we even need to explain this one? If you were ever in college or high school, you know this as the kind of gross but unanimously loved drinking game every frat house had.

Drunk Jenga

Just like your favorite childhood stick game, but with some not-so-childish beverages. Take a Jenga game, write fun rules on it like “Drink for 10 seconds” or “Don’t speak for the rest of the game” and watch hilarity ensue.


This one has been around since Stonehenge was being built. Take a quarter, split the group up into two teams, secretly give one team the quarter, and as they hit their hands on the table it’s up to the other team to guess who had the quarter in their hand.


Similar to Beer Pong, Chandelier is ideal for those parties with limited space. Once you’ve drank too much while playing the game, you’ll be inspired to hang on to the chandelier (not recommended).


No snow involved here, folks. Avalanche uses a die and a cup of alcohol; each number on the die means something different, and if someone doesn’t obey by these rules then they have to drink from the cup of alcohol.

Up & Down the River

In this game, a designated dealer gives each player four cards, then places an additional four facing up on the table. If anyone has any matching cards, they must drink for as many seconds as the total number of matching cards.

Flip Cup

A classic game using those classic red cups. Players must flip their bottom-up cup without touching the sides; those who violate the rules are commanded to drink.

King’s Cup

A personal favorite from the college days: Kings Cup, also known as Ring of Fire, using a deck of cards and lots of alcohol. Similar to Avalanche, each number of card signifies a different rule and if players don’t obey this rule they must drink…a lot.

Cheers To The Governor

If you want to get drunk but don’t like remembering rules, then this game is for you. Here, friends count to 21 going around a circle, and whoever says this number gets to make up a new rule.

Three Man

Just like its cousins Avalanche and Kings Cup, Three Man uses rules based on each number of a die to make people drink. Just make sure to take breaks every now and then with food!

Power Hour

Perfect for pre-gaming. Power Hour is when everyone sits around listening to music, and then must drink every time the song changes.

Edward 40 Hands

Contestants here have two 40-ounce bottles of beer taped to their hands. The one to down their beverages the quickest wins!

Buffalo Club

This odd game has one rule: whenever someone declares “Buffalo Club”, everyone in the group must keep their drinks in their left hand. For some reason its super popular with college students even after their days on campus have come to an end.

Beer Roulette

Nicer than Russian Roulette, but also quite messy. Whoever is the unlucky victim will wait in another room, while their friends shake up one can of beer in a bunch of 10, and then its up to the contestant not to pick this messy can!

Blitzed Dice and Pre-Made Dice Games

Slightly less creative than the games above, but still lots of fun. Pre-Made Dice games come with rules already written on all sides and it’s up to the drinkers not to be too wasted to read them!

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