Things to Remember When Befriending a Neighborhood Cat

Being in student housing is often not an ideal situation. Many landlords don’t have the best approach to ensuring their tenants are well looked after, and living independently for the first time is a huge learning curve. When living in residential areas, it’s very common for neighborhood cats to wander from house to house seeing if they can make new friends and earn some treats. As exciting as this may be, here are some important things to keep in mind when this occurs.

You Are Responsible for Your Home

Most student properties don’t allow the tenants to keep any pets. This may feel frustrating, but when you sign your contract you’re agreeing to everything in it, including these kinds of rules. If a local cat is coming into your home frequently, it’s essential to keep this rule in mind and ensure it doesn’t cause any damage in any way, as this may cause issues for you and your housemates. 

Remember the Cat Belongs to Someone Else

If you’re a cat person, then the temptation to give the visiting feline some tasty treats will likely be very strong. However, you need to remember that the cat doesn’t belong to you and will be fed regularly by its owners. Adding any additional food into the mix is not respectful to the cat’s owners, and you could risk making the cat unwell if you give it the wrong kind of food. Additionally, try not to keep it in your home for long periods, as it’s not fair to the family to who it belongs. 

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