Things You Have To Buy Before Starting College

Here you go, you’re almost there, college is almost starting. You are beginning to stress out a bit and wonder if you are prepared. So no panic, we are here to help you, to walk you there one step at the time. Some tips are known only by those who went through college already, the experienced ones so that’s why we want to help you out and give some good pieces of advice on the stuff you should absolutely buy before college.

Firstly, Bedbug-protecting mattress cover. Yes, you read well, those things exist and are actually useful. Get also a reading pillow. You are going to study a lot and do a lot of readings especially in your first year so make sure you’ll be comfortable doing it. Color catchers for laundry. Eventually you will make that mistake and turn your white t-shirts in pink ones, but with these color catchers chances are high that it will only happen once and not a million times.

Don’t forget the portable stain remover pen, you won’t always have time to go do laundry so you want to have a fast solution in case of need. Buy peanut butter and jelly, it will be your favorite snack. It is easy and fast to make and mostly, it’s super yummy! Good luck freshmen!

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