Where to Get Surprisingly Good Coffee on Campus

A good amount of people living in the United States wake up every morning only to experience an intense desire to consume their caffeine intake in the form of a steamy cup of coffee. Coffee has been utilized as a stimulant for tired adults for many years. Originating in South America, coffee has evolved into an overwhelmingly popular beverage of choice for many Americans. With the recent rise of social media and innovative ways that cafes and restaurants all over the world have been promoting their products as the tastiest and most aesthetically pleasing, coffee, it seems, has become quite the trend.

Different forms of coffee have made their way into the mainstream. For instance, Americans, lattes, and espresso shots have all been introduced as pretty common options on any coffee shop’s menu. In the past, these drinks, especially artisan espresso, have been predominantly available to the wealthier classes because of their premium price. However, not all espresso drinks will put a major dent in your wallet. Some places that you wouldn’t normally look to for purchasing your morning brew from actually have quite a nice assortment of coffee options, including quality espresso.

For instance, McDonald’s is known for its burgers and fries. People who don’t drive through the chain for an early morning pick-me-up aren’t always aware of the nice coffee selection that McCafe, McDonald’s version of a cafe, has to offer. The espresso drinks offered at Mcdonald’s may surprise you, as they offer a tempting caramel macchiato, and americano, and a cappuccino.

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