This Company is Hiring Someone to Eat Chocolate All Day Everyday

If you love, eat, breath chocolate, this is your dream job! The delicious brand Mondelez International is advertising for a chocolate taster. No experience needed, all they are asking for is a chocolate true lover.

You could become a professional chocolate taster. You could be the only one smiling among friends who complain about their job. You would be paid to eat delicious products.

Just to give you more insights about this company, Mondelez International is the brand behind the Oreo cookies. You will probably be the one to taste the new version of Oreo cookies, or new types of cookies with chocolate and lots of other delicious ingredients!

You would be tasting dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and more! Not to mention that as an employee, you would probably get discounts on the brand products which means more chocolate for you and for the people around you.

If you are thinking about applying, hurry up! There’s probably already a long line outside the Mondelez office of people dying to get this job!

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