Three Things They Don’t Tell You About Turning 21

If you are living in the United States, one of the experiences that are most looked forward to is your 21st birthday. Many people throw huge celebratory parties, purchase their first legal drink, and consume an obscene amount of alcohol when the age on their ID finally proves that they are of legal age to drink.

And while most people are thrilled about the idea of being 21, here are three things that people won’t tell you.

1. You will still get nervous purchasing alcohol. Yes, some of you I’m sure to have already been purchasing alcohol from local liquor stores with a fake ID for a few years before you actually turned 21 or asked an older sibling to do it on your behalf. Now that you’re legal, you can actually go purchase your favorite type of alcohol from a more convenient store that isn’t one that 20 miles out of the way but is known for accepting fake IDs.

When in the liquor stores that really make sure your ID is legit, it is common to sell get butterflies when handing in your ID. Likewise, buying wine at a grocery store or ordering a drink at a nice restaurant will still make you feel a little bit like you’re breaking the law at first. But hey, that wears of after a few weeks.. or months.

Three Things They Dont Tell You About Turning 21

2. People who are under 21 will constantly ask you to buy them alcohol. Yes, they probably have a fake ID that they could use at that liquor store that is 20 miles away, but it is much harder for them to purchase wine from a grocery store or a market. So, although you are technically legal, you may still be pressured into attempting some illegal activity by providing underage kids with alcohol.

3. Drinking may become repetitive. Sometimes, the whole appeal of drinking disappears when you are finally able to partake in the consumption of alcohol legally. After 21, there are many people who seemingly stop going out and stop partying. No one truly knows why this is, but odds are, either you or one of your friends has experienced this lack of interest in drinking once

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