Tips To Get You Ready For Your First Day

Life can be very unnecessarily complicated if students don’t slack off in the last two years of their high school which is why those years are the most crucial in making or failing the student’s career. Everyone has their own pace and ethics of working but some common steps/precautions that one can take from junior high go long way. Some of those steps are mentioned below:

Make sure to take the most challenging high school classes you can- college admission professionals would rather see you take tough classes than have a perfect GPA in intro courses. Your future self will be oh so grateful for a decent GPA.

Tips To Get You Ready For Your First Day

Get involved in extracurricular activities you truly care about and be truly interested in the work that you do through those activities; stick with them too, because when it comes to high school activities, quality is better than quantity. Keep a simple record of your activities and accomplishments, what you did and when, so they’re easy to remember when you need them for college or even scholarship applications.

Be aware of the subjects and hobbies that make you happiest. Look for part-time jobs, volunteer positions, and internships in areas that interest you. Think about where your college funds are coming from.

Sit down with your family to see what they have planned and start saving your own hard-earned cash and looking for college scholarships that fit you. And lastly, don’t forget to make the most of these two years as such care and love that you experienced from teachers in high school may not be available to you once you enter college.


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