Why You Should Study Abroad in These Exciting Places

While college is filled with opportunities to meet new people and learn new things one of the most exciting opportunities that come with attending college is the potential to gain insights from a different country or culture. Yip – we’re talking about studying abroad! the catalyst for learning the “real life” stuff that you may not discover inside a lecture a hall.

Let’s take a look at the incredible options available to you.

Most countries in Europe are steeped in centuries of History, Art and Literature and provide thousands of lessons in all of these subject areas. The little sidewalk cafes and alleyways of London, Paris, Berlin and Prague were once home to some of the greatest writers, poets, artists and philosophers of all time and to this day play home to some of their greater works. Barcelona offers a feat for the eyes with the works of Gaudi on every corner, Amsterdam is steeped in culture, while Rome offers History and and Architecture majors the greatest living learning experience possible for students.

But Europe isn’t the only place renowned for advancing your knowledge abroad, look at countries with innovative business, advertising, marketing and technology practices. Unique and totally different experiences can be had in the east, in exciting fast paced places like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

A holiday to all of these destinations will allow brief visits to special places and well-known tourist sites but a semester abroad in one of these exciting cities will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and the history, for lessons no classroom could ever offer you.

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