Top 3 Tips For Embracing the Viral Barbiecore Fashion Trend

The Baribecore fashion trend emerged last year and it will be going stronger than ever this spring and summer. As the premiere date of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie slowly approaches, this fashion trend is constantly growing in popularity, and these tips will help you fully embrace it.

Think Pink

Baribecore became synonymous with the color pink, and most outfits you’ll stumble upon under this hashtag come in this hue. Valentino was responsible for popularizing the hot pink craze last year, but you can embrace this trend by wearing many other shades of pink.

…But Not Just Pink

Pink is the first color that comes to mind when someone mentions Barbiecore, but you don’t have to be dressed in pink head-to-toe to embrace this trend. Barbie’s very first outfit was actually a black-and-white zebra striped swimsuit, and color experiments are very much welcomed as long as you keep your outfit bright and girly.

Right Accessories

Barbie’s outfits wouldn’t be the same without fun accessories, and platform heels emerged as a staple of the Barbiecore style. Boots and sneakers can also do wonders for your outfit if you style them right, and a matching statement bag is a must.

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