Top 5 Reasons You Couldn’t Live Without Your Roommate

1. Your Fridge is Basically a Co-Op

Ever needed a dash of ketchup or know you can’t quite eat a whole bag of spinach in a week? Luckily your roomie is there to spot you some sauce or split a grocery bill with you. Even more fun are the nights you get together and decide to act like Chopped participants- creating a great meal together with the mish-mash of ingredients you both still have before the next run to the grocery store. But stay away from my personal Kombucha…

2. They’re Your Live-in Movie Date

If you’ve ever known the pain of not wanting to go out but still wanting some human interaction after a brutal week of exams, studying or work, you know you can rely on your roommate for a chill night in. Whether you clink some wine glasses or stream a cheesy rom-com, it’s guaranteed to be a good time- all without taking off your yoga pants!

Top 5 Reasons You Couldnt Live Without Your Roommate

3. They’re in Sync to Your Habits

One of the best parts of having a roommate is the rhythm you develop, whether it’s when you cook and eat together, knowing when to socialize and when to give you your space and more. It’s also nice knowing that you both are going to school and/or working, so you can balance productive time with leisure time.

4. Mi Closet=Tu Closet

2 girls, 2 closets! Whether you and your roomie’s styles are exact matches or opposite ends of the spectrum, you can always take a little inspiration from the other. Or better yet, borrow something. The sacred rule, of course, is to ask before you wear!

5. Grocery Shopping is an Adventure, not a chore

We all know there is nothing more fun than a spontaneous trip to the supermarket for something sweet-and who better to do it with than your roommate? The time spent together is much more fun than perusing the grocery aisles alone.

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