Two New Year Resolutions to Make You Smarter

When people hear the term “New Year Resolutions”, they often associate it with something that has to do with your physical appearance, lifestyle, career, and relationships. People’s resolutions often tend to focus on things such as putting more time aside to spend more quality time with your kids or even to ridding yourself of toxic people in your life. However, resolutions can also be made in order to improve your mental capabilities. Here are two resolutions that are a sure fire way to make you smarter and more efficient.

The first resolution that will undoubtedly increase your intelligence level is investing in some form of activity or program that will introduce you to a new language. Learning different languages allows people to become better communicators- something that is a proven factor in being emotionally intelligent. Learning a new language can be tricky, especially if you are at the very beginning level. Programs like Rosetta Stone, Babble, and even just watching YouTube videos are great ways to get started on learning a new language. This will also most likely peak your interest in the culture and region of the language which you are studying which will then allow you to benefit further from this resolution by becoming a more curious, adventurous, and even a well traveled individual.

The second resolution that will assist you in advancing your intelligence is being organized. Some simple ways to implement organization into your life would be by investing in some sort of planner or calendar. Now, having the resolution to be more organized doesn’t directly increase your intelligence. What it does do though is allow you to write down everything that you need to accomplish, deadlines, and other things that would otherwise be overwhelming. Being organized can increase the clarity of your brain, reduce stress, and allow you to focus, which will in turn increase your ability to think, create, and accomplish.

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