UK Universities Want Easier Foreign Student Visas


With Brexit almost being executed, universities in the UK  are planning a pilot to make it easier for non-British students to attend their classes or find permanent work in Britain.

So far two Scottish universities are joining the pilot, but there are many more joining as soon as possible.

The universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow have already joined to help their foreign students obtain the Tier 4 visas they need to follow Masters courses of thirteen months or less in the UK.

UK Universities Want Easier Foreign Student Visas

“Almost three thousand of our international students stand to benefit from our participation in the scheme, which will enable them to either further their study or pursue their entrepreneurial ideas, and add to the UK’s pool of high-value graduate talent,” said Charlie Jeffery, University of Edinburgh’s senior vice principal.

Foreign students from countries like the United States will benefit greatly from the pilot since the universities will be responsible for eligibility checks themselves.

That means that students will have to submit fewer documents than they would have to do when applying for a visa in the current process. Students from the European Union and European Economic Area currently do not need Tier 4 visas to study in the UK, but that could also change after Brexit is finalized.

UK Universities Want Easier Foreign Student Visas

The pilot will also benefit those foreign students who want to switch their student visas to work visas because it will allow them to stay in the UK for six months instead of the current four months.

Since 2010 the number of foreign students going to British universities has increased by 24%, which makes the UK one of the most popular destinations to follow courses.

“This is a clear indication that genuine students are welcome and there is no limit on the number who can come to study in the UK,”  Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said.


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