Want to Try Volunteering? Here are Some Ideas

Volunteering is an amazing thing to do while at college. You are likely to have a few hour slots free during your week, and if you can spare the time then getting involved in a local project or a charitable organization is such a great choice. If you have some free time in your week and would love to get involved with some volunteer work but aren’t sure where to start, then here are some ideas to help you out.

A Local Meal Center

This kind of establishment is often referred to as a ‘soup kitchen’, and the basic premise is there is some cooked food on offer to people struggling to afford meals. There are usually tables and chairs and a warm indoor space to sit and eat. Extra hands are always needed to help with preparing and serving the food, as well as cleaning up afterward and this is such a great project to get involved with. 

A Befriending Scheme

The idea behind this project is super lovely and something that will feel so great to be a part of. The organization pairs up the volunteers with people in the area who may not have much social contact for whatever reason. Perhaps they are elderly and not in contact with their remaining family members, or they have recently moved from another country and don’t know anyone in the area. Whatever the reason, you can get to know them and build a bond while providing social contact.

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