The Best Intramural Sports To Keep You In Shape

Often times, high school athletes go into college expecting to maintain their physical state, even though they may not be planning to workout as regularly and as rigorously as they had in the years prior. When highschool athletes enter college and start to see the symptoms of the infamous freshman 15 creeping up on them, sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to be as active as you used to be.  However, most colleges, along with their school teams and club teams also offer intramural sports.

Participating in intramural sports can be one of the most exciting and fun activities to participate in while in college.  From volleyball to soccer to basketball to racquetball, these sports will definitely aid in anyone’s freshman fitness goals. So, what are some of the best intramurals that are sure to keep you fit?

Well for one, basketball and soccer are high intensity, high cardio games, perfect for anyone who gets bored on their school gym elliptical or treadmill.  These games are also very team oriented, so they not only offers excellent fitness benefits, but they also are great opportunities to build bonds and make friendships. Volleyball and tennis intramural sports will allow you to practice and maintain your hand eye coordination and are great for maintaining arm muscle and endurance.  Really though, any sport will keep you active, and the great thing about intramurals is that it is as competitive as you make it.  So, if you are looking to just have fun while maintaining a specific athletic skill or physique, intramural sports offer the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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