What Jobs Can You Get With a Philosophy Degree?

So you’re considering a philosophy degree but not sure if it’s practical? While some may believe philosophy graduates are destined for academia, the truth is, their unique skillset opens doors to a diverse range of career paths. In fact, a philosophy degree equips you with valuable skills like critical thinking, analysis, communication, and problem-solving—all highly sought-after qualities in today’s job market. Let’s take a look.

Business Analyst

Philosophers excel at analyzing complex situations and identifying problems, making them ideal candidates for business analyst roles. They can leverage their analytical skills to assess business needs, recommend solutions, and improve efficiency.


The analytical and reasoning skills developed in philosophy studies provide a strong foundation for legal careers. Philosophy graduates can pursue law degrees and work in various legal areas, including corporate law, criminal law, or human rights law.


As advancements in technology raise ethical concerns, the role of bioethicists becomes increasingly important. Philosophy graduates, with their training in ethics and reasoning, can navigate complex ethical questions in healthcare and scientific research.


The ability to analyze information, research, and communicate effectively makes philosophy graduates well-suited for careers in journalism. They can delve into investigative journalism, write analytical pieces, or contribute to publications requiring critical thinking.

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