What Not To Wear In College

As you head off to college, it’s important to remember that first impressions last. As a result, it’s crucial to ensure that you are dressed to impress. Here is some of the clothing you should probably not wear in college, at least when you first arrive.

In Class

When headed to the lecture hall, it’s important to show that you’re ready to learn but still have some personality. Avoid wearing baggy clothes and things that look like pajamas or sloppy clothes for use around the house. At the same time, avoid dressing too fancy, in suits or smart blazers.

At Parties

Although you probably want to let loose at parties, it’s important to remember that the people you see there are some of the same folks you’ll see in class. While you can certainly wear some daring or revealing clothing, make sure that it is nothing too extreme. Also, if it happens to be winter, consider wearing an old frat jacket that you don’t mind getting drinks spilt on.

Clothing To Avoid At All Costs

If you love wearing sunglasses, make sure not to wear them indoors or at night as this makes little sense. Also, skinny jeans and clothes that are too tight may prove uncomfortable as you sit in lectures and walk around campus.

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