What to Buy For Your Dorm Room

The rooms in the dorm are completely empty and we write completely empty, we really mean it. So before getting to your college with only fun stickers for your room, you might want to take a look at this list of things you HAVE TO buy for your dorm room. First of all think of essential things: pillows, bed sheets, toilet paper, hangers, lamps and so on.

You will have plenty of time to decorate your room, but if you forget the essential stuff you’ll be into troubles. So here is a couple of good tips. Less is more meaning dorm rooms are very small so don’t bring too much stuff. Get your things in big stores where you can find good deals, you’ll be surprised on how expensive this shopping adventure will be.

Make bags not luggage, you won’t have enough space for everything in the car if you put in suitcases. Among the things you shouldn’t forget, there are towels, fan if the AC is not working well, mattress pad and bug protector! Most importantly, don’t get stressed this will be the best time of your life and your room will be full of memories!

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