What To Expect When You Are In A Sorority

College is an amazing time for self-exploration, developing lifelong friendships, and building a good educational foundation that will further you along your career endeavors in the future. There are a ton of opportunities at any college for you to make a super cool group of friends. From bonding with your hallmates to spending late nights studying with the girl who sits next to you in class, opportunities to build lifelong friendships are everywhere.

One of the best places that foster these friendships while dually allowing you to get involved in campus life and community service are sororities. Most colleges and universities have a Greek Life scene. Sororities are essentially groups of like-minded women who hold common interests and values. Although the thought of joining a sorority may be scary at first, don’t let the stereotypes of mean girls, dressed head to toe in preppy pink, wearing pearl earring necklaces, and coughing up glitter, get in the way of deciding to join a sorority.

What To Expect When You Are In A Sorority

Odds are, the sorority you join will be more “real” than you think, and you will be surrounded by a wonderful group of women who you can grow with all throughout your college careers. With being involved in a sorority, you can expect to foster friendships with amazing girls who will be there for you when you miss your parents, break up with your boyfriend, or just want to spend the night drinking wine and eating pizza.

A sorority will offer you a ton of volunteer opportunities and chances to involve yourself in popular campus clubs. It will also give you an instant connection to all of the successful women who have been in the sorority before you, providing you with great possible networking opportunities and much more. Sorority life may be the life for you, so if you are a new college student on the edge of joining a sorority or not, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

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