When Striving for Perfection Becomes a Problem

Perfectionism might seem like a superpower, pushing you to excel in your studies and extracurriculars. But when it gets out of hand, it can do more harm than good. Constantly aiming for perfection can lead to burnout, anxiety, and an overwhelming fear of failure. So, how can you cope and keep your perfectionism in check?

Embrace Mediocrity (Sometimes)

It’s okay not to be perfect at everything. Seriously. Allow yourself to be ‘just okay’ sometimes. Not every assignment needs to be flawless, and not every activity needs your 110%. Recognizing that being good enough is often just that—good enough—can be incredibly freeing.

Prioritize What Matters

With a million things on your plate, it’s crucial to prioritize. Focus on what truly matters and make peace with postponing or even letting go of less critical tasks. This doesn’t mean you’re failing—it means you’re being smart about your time and energy.

Befriend Failure

Failure isn’t the enemy—it’s a teacher. Every mistake is a chance to learn and grow. Embracing failure rather than fearing it can lead to greater resilience and a healthier mindset. Remember, even super-successful people have failed many times.

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