Where Did “Furiosa” Star Anya Taylor-Joy Go To School?

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the biggest Hollywood stars of her generation, and she’s reaching new heights of fame with her role in Furiosa. She’s been acting since her teenage years, and if you’re wondering what her time in school was like, we’re here with all the answers.

Taylor-Joy spent her childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before moving with her family to London at the age of six. This move was quite an adjustment, and she struggled to fit in with her peers while attending Hill House International Junior School and Queen’s Gate School in London.

“The kids just didn’t understand me in any shape or form, and I was really badly bullied. I used to get locked in lockers, you know, barred from classrooms, not invited to things. It wasn’t pleasant… Kids are mean. And if they don’t understand something, they’re meaner,” she told The Standard.

Part of the reason why Taylor-Joy didn’t fit in the beginning was the language barrier. She’s now fluent in both Spanish and English now, but she refused to practice English at first because she wasn’t giving up hope her family would move back to Argentina.

Taylor-Joy used to get straight As in history, English, and classics during her time in school, and took part in many school productions. She was 16 when she decided to leave school, and admitted her family was terrified by her decision, but she was quickly scouted by a modeling agency before breaking into Hollywood.

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